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2017 All-CSBL Teams

Thank you to all of the great players, coaches, BNA Bank Park staff, CSBL staff, and sponsors from our 2017 season!! Congratulations to all of you for our very successful summer.  We wish you all the best of luck this spring and hope to see you again next summer for our 10th season in 2018.  Please let us know if we can ever do anything for you!!   

Below is the All-CSBL 1st & 2nd Team and the Honorable Mention Team.  

2017 All-CSBL 1st & 2nd Team:

Position Players: Isaiah Eiland, Christian Busby, Al Batson, Luke Miller, Tucker Childers, Baylor Obert, Beau Simpson, Nick Proto, Kevin Granger, Fred Spencer, Sam Williams, Ian Biblioni, Hayden Tapper, Miciah Heard, Trip Benson, Lane Williams, Hunter Bishop, Max Murray, Dakota Dailey, Delaine Holloway, Noah Hill.  Dual Players: Collin McPherson. Pitchers: Devin Sullivan, Ian Hawkins, Colton Hale, Dustin Allen, Alan Rickman, Ben Smith, Wyatt Bailey, Jerry Tatum, Hunter Powers.

Honorable Mention:

Robbie Woody, Larry Hubbard, John Mark Jolly, Caleb Leach, Lucas Hartigan, Mack Bishop, Chase Kessinger (dual), Brett Braida, Ty Wheeler, Miller Hancock, Robert Akines.  
8/20/2017 3:17:10 PM
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